CEMICS2 Edenhofer

Contextualizing Climate Engineering and Mitigation: Illusion, Complement, or Substitute?
December 2016 until November 2019
Ottmar Edenhofer
PIK number / OEH

While CEMICS1 will deliver such a prototypical assessment and ethical evaluation of CE in the context of mitigation, a follow-up project ‘CEMICS2’ will be needed in order to become comprehensive enough for making the results suitable for policy advice.

For CEMICS2, we plan to (i) expand our analysis of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) to include significant synergies between different CDR options, (ii) take an integrated view on CDR and solar radiation management (SRM), (iii) analyse the role of CE in case of delayed global mitigation policy, and (iv) explore the sensitivity of those results to the overall socio-economic development of global society.