Collaborative Climate Community Data and Processing Grid
October 2010 until December 2013
179.148 € funded by BMBF, PT DLR:
Michael Flechsig
PIK number / OEH

Towards on infrastructure for General Access to climate data. C3Grid offers services for uniform and transparent access to several distributed data archives of the German climate community as well as data processing capabilities. The aim is to establish C3Grid as an accepted common platform and toolset for scientists in their daily research work. In addition to this, C3Grid disseminates general climate specific information from research community to the general public. The development of fundamental C3Grid components within a first project phase was part of the German Grid Initiative D-Grid, funded by the BMBF. The existing infrastructure allows data browsing through distributed data archives as well as performing standard diagnostics workflow running at different computing resources. The ongoing work in the scope of the C3Grid-INAD project aims to extend the functionality by including more data and diagnostic workflows, which are of broad interest within the scientific community. One of the main topics is interoperability in the Earth System Grid Federation.

- Development, operation and maintenance of a portal to access and process climate data - Supply of data, processing and compute resources in a distributed approach using grid functionality

- Set up Grid environment at PIK - Data provider for PIK datasets - Compute provider for C3Grid Low End and High End visualization workflows and corresponding visualization tools.