Reduced Models for the Dynamics and Statistics of Synoptic Scales in the Atmosphere
January 2004 until December 2008
Rupert Klein
PIK number / OEH

One challenge in climate research is the construction of reduced models which directly describe the evolution of appropriate climate variables on the relevant scales. “Earth System Models of Intermediate Complexity” (EMICs) are one approach to this challenge to which the present project contributes. The cyclonic/anti-cyclonic synoptic activity in the mid-latitudes generates large scale, long time average fluxes of mass, momentum, etc.. Current closures for these effects assume Gaussian synoptic statistics despite the fact that this is not entirely supported empirically. The construction of improved closures shall be supported here through the construction of a reduced synoptic dynamical model. The derivations will be supported by multiple scales asymptotics and careful parameterizations for sub-synoptic scale and diabatic processes. This model may then be used to generate improved synoptic statistics.