Q3 Triple-Q

Q3(“Triple-Q”) Bridging Qualitative, semi-Quantitative and Quantitative knowledge for modeling
January 2004 until December 2006
Matthias Lüdeke
PIK number / OEH

In various realms of science quantitative mathematical modelling appeared as extremely fruitful explanatory and predictive tool (physics, meteorology, chemistry, etc). Some of the sciences relevant for Global Change research belong to this group, others, more qualitatively oriented sciences (political science, sociology, anthropology, etc), not. For PIK it is therefore a vital question how to include this important knowledge into integrated mathematical modelling activities. Q3 strives to develop methods to achieve this by a threefold strategy: improve existing concepts of qualitative modelling in close co-operation with applications in the qualitative sciences, clarify the role which formal deductive methods can play in these sciences, and investigate how the resulting qualitative mathematical models can best be coupled with well established quantitative models (e.g. the coupling of a quantitative climate model with a qualitative model of land use which includes the complex socio-economic driving forces).