EURECA - Activity

Exploring Uncertainty for Environmental Change related Decision Making
January 2004 until December 2008
Brigitte Knopf
PIK number / OEH

Policy making in the context of global environmental change faces a wide range of uncertainties. Scientists are challenged to develop appropriate methodologies to extract as much information as possible from limited knowledge, and to assess potential robust policies. EURECA wants to investigate, which techniques of uncertainty analysis are adequate under which circumstances to address the diverse kinds of uncertainty the integrated assessment process has to deal with. Furthermore, one main target of EURECA is to put together publications on some cross-cutting “case studies” of exploring uncertainty in environmental change related decision-making. The EURECA activity will be structured by a series of workshops that allow for intense communication and discussions. By this means it is achieved to serve as a platform at PIK for dealing with different kinds of uncertainty concerning scientific policy advice.