Estimation of yield effects
June 2014 until November 2014
19.580 € funded by USDA:
Hermann Lotze-Campen
PIK number / OEH

Based on IPRs provided by IFPRI, PIK will estimate yield effects for multiple RCP x GCM combinations on a global spatial grid for all major crops (wheat, coarse grains, rice, sugar and oilseeds) until 2050. Gridded results will be aggregated to the regional level, according to the requirements of the participating global economic models. By combining model results with IPRs, a harmonized set of inputs will be generated for use in the analysis of agreed scenarios by participating global economic models. Along with the other participating global economic models, PIK will apply these yield effects in the MAgPIE model to analyze the global impacts of climate change on agricultural production, prices, trade, consumption and food security as an input to the USDA Technical Report on Global Climate Change, Food Security, and the U.S. Food System. PIK will also participate in a workshop to discuss draft results in Rome (on 23-24 June 2014), contribute to writing up results for the USDA report (by 1 August 2014) and contribute to a paper for submission to an academic journal or similar output.