Global 2050 Calculator

Global Climate & Land 2050 Calculator
September 2013 until December 2014
23.700 € funded by Climate KIC, Department of Energy and Climate, UK:
Jürgen Kropp
PIK number / OEH

The Global Calculator will be a simple, transparent model of global greenhouse gas emissions, energy and land in the period to 2050. It will be a highly visually engaging communications tool aimed at involving non-experts in the debate about how we should use the world's resources. It will allow the user to easily answer questions about how the global land and food system adds up, such as "what is the trade-off between land for bio energy and food production?" and "what impact could population growth have on global energy demand and climate impacts?".

- "Global Calculator" web tool and spreadsheet - focused cross-platform, multi-CLC forum for leading Climate-KIC partners to develop a European perspective to global scale and relate global scale issues to EU level