Cross-scale crop modelling and uncertainties in input and validation data
January 2013 until July 2014
45.795 € funded by CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation:
Katharina Waha
PIK number / OEH

The aim of this project is to conduct a crop model comparison study in order to explore the influence of uncertainties in model design, input data and validation data for food production and food security studies such as CSIRO´s PPFS project (“Policy pathways for food security in West Africa”). The crop model comparison is between the process-based crop models APSIM and LPJmL which simulate crop development and growth but operate at different temporal and spatial scales. Both aim at reflecting the management and reachable crop yield properly for a certain location. For APSIM this location is mostly a paddock, a field but also a sub-national unit (district, province) or a country. For LPJmL this location is a grid cell but generally model outputs for grid cells are aggregated to sub-national units, countries, continents or world regions. Both types of model differ in their input data, their model components and model parameters. Important input variables are climate and soil data, important model parameters are soil and crop parameters. This information is often difficult to obtain or scarce in some regions of the world and for a certain resolution therefore the uncertainties from input data needs to be analyzed. The following activities are planned 1) Modeling of agricultural systems with input data of differing detail, and 2) Analysing the impact of the modeling scale in addressing different questions, a yield gap analyses for Burkina Faso.