Adaptation Toolbox for Local Authorities
May 2013 until May 2014
58.550 € funded by Climate-KIC:
Jürgen Kropp
PIK number / OEH

Adaptation Tool box for Local Authorities (ATLA) is a pathfinder project to prepare the structuring of a climate adaptation services offer designed for addressing the specific needs of European local authorities.

This Pathfinder project will prepare the development of a new innovative climate service designed for actors from sub-national territories. Therefore, it will work towards specific adaptation KPIs through 5 objectives: - bring climate innovation to market - remove barriers to climate innovation - support adaptation to climate change - attract high quality talent - build relationships to disseminate knowledge and expertise

PIK will contribute to the analysis of the existing services through its previous work on web based platforms, and on the final work on the elaboration of the service structure and business model.