CGSS 2011

Chinesisch-Deutsche Sommerschule über "Integrated Modelling and Assessment for Water Resources Management", 28. August - 07. September 2011 in Potsdam
August 2011 until September 2011
56.527 € funded by Chinesisch-Deutsches Zentrum für Wissenschaftsförderung, China:
Frank Wechsung
PIK number / OEH

The first Sino-German Summer School takes place in Potsdam, Germany from 27.August 2011 until 5.September 2011. This summer school will enable young researchers (participants from Germany and China) to learn, apply, and reflect multiple methodologies from modelling to decision support in a longer timeframe and hence make their professional achievements become much more valuable for the scientific and political community in Germany and China.

The main objective of the Summer School is to introduce the participants into state-of-the-art methods and modelling tools mostly applied in Germany and used for integrated assessment in water resources management at the regional scale. The following topics will be included: - downscaling of climate scenarios: tools CCLM and STAR, - eco-hydrological modelling and assessment of impacts on water resources and agriculture with SWIM at the river basin scale, - assessment of climate impacts on forests (4C model), - assessment of climate and land use impacts on water quality (model MONERIS), - socio-economic interactions in water resources management In the following two years, it is intended to conduct two more summer schools, which will be proposed in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

Training with models CCLM, STAR, 4C and SWIM