Raising the alert about critical feedbacks between climate and long-term land use change in the Amazon
September 2011 until August 2014
213.114 € funded by EU - European Union: ENV.2011.1.1.5-1 Impacts of climate and land use changes in the Amazon
Kirsten Thonicke
PIK number / OEH

AMAZALERT will enable raising the alert about critical feedbacks between climate, society, land-use change, vegetation change, water availability and policies in Amazonia. We will: 1) analyze and improve coupled models of global climate and Amazon, land use, vegetation and socio-economic drivers to quantify anthropogenic and climate induced land-use and land cover change and non-linear, irreversible feedbacks among these components 2) assess the role of regional and global policies and societal responses in the Amazon region for altering the trajectory of land-use change in the face of climate change and other anthropogenic factors and finally 3) propose i) an Early Warning System for detecting any imminent irreversible loss of Amazon ecosystem services, ii) policy response strategies to prevent such loss.