Sustainable development pathways achieving Human well-being while safeguarding the climate And Planet Earth

SHAPE will develop and analyse Sustainable Development Pathways (SDPs) that achieve the SDGs in 2030 and maintain sustainable development to reach the Paris climate goals until 2100. To this end, the project sets out to analyse three key questions: a) What are the crucial interactions, both trade-offs and synergies, between climate action and other SDGs related to land and water, consumption and production, and questions of economic development and inequalities? b) Which system transformations can overcome trade-offs and enhance synergies to achieve a broad range of sustainable development objectives simultaneously. c) What are effective means of governance facilitating the deep transformations required to climate action and other SDGs while mitigating trade-offs and exploiting synergies between them, on both the regional and global level? The holistic analysis of the system, the development of the SDPs and the identification of a broad set of policy measures will be performed in a co-designing process with a variety of stakeholders. The quantitative analysis of the SDPs will rely on internationally recognized state-of-the-art integrated assessment models describing the energy-economy-landuse-climate systems. These models will be augmented with new and improved representations of important sustainability dimensions such as freshwater resources and use, the industrial metabolism of material resources, and inequality. The model analysis will be used in combination with regional and global scale analysis of governance challenges, making it a truly interdisciplinary project. Engagement with ongoing policy processes regarding the SDGs will allow stakeholders to steer the key steps in SHAPE, including identification of relevant sustainable development indicators and define SDPs that are useful for informing policy processes on multiple scales.


Sep 01, 2019 until Aug 31, 2022


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Elmar Kriegler

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