News about Monsoons


Prediction of Monsoon withdrawal

July 27, 2016: The Indian Summer Monsoon is likely to withdraw from the Eastern Ghats region around 5th October (+/- 5 days).
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Indian monsoon: novel approach allows early forecasting

04/20/2016 - The Indian monsoon’s yearly onset and withdrawal can now be forecasted significantly earlier than previously possible. A team of scientists developed a novel prediction method based on a network analysis of regional weather data, and will propose this approach to the Indian Meteorological Department. The heavy summer rains are of vital importance for millions of farmers feeding the subcontinent’s population. Future climate change will likely affect monsoon stability and hence makes accurate forecasting even more relevant.
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Forecast of the Onset date of Indian Summer Monsoon - 2017 over the central part of India

The Indian Summer Monsoon (the Southwest Monsoon) is likely (with a 73% probability) to set over the central part of India, the Eastern Ghats region (20N, 80E - the southeastern part of Maharashtra state, and the western part of Chhattisgarh state and the northern part of Telangana state) on or around 18th June (+/- 4 days).
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