Levke Caesar awarded with Publication Prize by the Leibniz-Kolleg Potsdam

12/15/2020 – This year's Publication Prize awarded by the Leibniz-Kolleg to young scientists goes to PIK-affiliated researcher Levke Caesar. A former student at the University of Potsdam, the award recognizes her important contributions in the field of climate physics – particularly her research into the evolution of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) and its impact on the Earth System.
Levke Caesar awarded with Publication Prize by the Leibniz-Kolleg Potsdam
Levke Caesar (photo: privat)

Before Levke Caesar joined the Irish Climate Analysis and Research UnitS (ICARUS) at Maynooth University in 2019 she completed her PhD at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in the Earth System Analysis department. Part of her findings were published in her 2018 Nature article “Observed fingerprint of a weakening Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation”. In the paper, Caesar examined AMOC's evolution during the industrial era and found evidence for a weakening by about 3 ± 1 sverdrups (around 15 per cent) since the mid-twentieth century.

Co-authored by Stefan Rahmstorf, PIK's Head of Earth System Analysis, the article was cited over 200 times. It also serves as the main reason for the Leibniz-Kolleg's selection committee to giving the publication prize 2020 to Caesar.

Endowed with 5,000 euros, the award honors current or former doctoral students of the mathematics and natural sciences faculties of the University of Potsdam who have achieved significant scientific results during their time in Potsdam.

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