Top Scientists Launch

Potsdam, 10 Dec. 2004

Team of Renowned Climate Experts from Europe and the US Create First-of-a-Kind Climate Weblog

Today, top climate scientists will launch a unique website to provide commentary on the emerging new results from climate science. The site is designed as a tool for journalists and members of the public, and will provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. The discussion is restricted solely to scientific topics and will not address political issues.

"We are trying to ensure that science doesn't get trampled by politics," said Gavin Schmidt.

"We hope this site will serve as a resource that can challenge mis-representations or mis-understandings of the science as they occur in real time," said Michael Mann.

Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, Stefan Rahmstorf, Rasmus Benestad, Caspar Ammann, Ray Bradley, William Connolley, Eric Steig, and Amy Clement are all contributors to the site. This group includes two "Scientific American 50 Research Leader" award winners and recipients of prestigious fellowship awards from the McDonnell and Comer foundations.

Information on the site includes commentary on breaking news such as the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment as well as the latest scientific findings on greenhouse gases, the paleoclimatic record, climate modeling, and connections between the sun's variability and climate.

The scientific contributors work in their personal capacity, and receive no financial compensation for this work. Journalists may also read their biographies, request more information, or reach the scientists through the site or contact the scientists directly:

Gavin Schmidt, phone +1 212-678-5627, e-Mail
Michael Mann, phone +1 434-924-7770, e-Mail
Eric Steig, phone +1 206-543-6327, e-Mail
Stefan Rahmstorf, phone +49 331-288-2688, e-Mail
Rasmus Benestad, phone +47 2296-3377, e-Mail

More information:
Kalee Kreider, phone +1 202-463-6670, e-Mail

Press office PIK:
Anja Wirsing, phone +49 331-288-2507, e-Mail