„Nature“ features portrait of Ottmar Edenhofer

09/19/2013 - The renowned scientific journal this week features an unusual article – a portrait of Ottmar Edenhofer. He’s not just vice-president and chief-economist of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research but also co-chair of the IPCC’s working group on mitigation of climate change. It is this position that the article highlights. Next week, the first part of the IPCC’s new assessement report will be published in Stockholm – it is about the physical science basis, summarizing the state of science after half a decade of intense research. The working group 3 is scheduled to present its results April next year, in Berlin.
„Nature“ features portrait of  Ottmar Edenhofer

“Getting hundreds of experts to agree is never easy. Ottmar Edenhofer takes a firm, philosophical approach to the task,” the article reads. “In the past, critics have accused the group’s leaders of overstepping the boundary between analysing research and advocating for action. Well aware of that risk, Edenhofer has strived to keep his group focused on a strictly scholarly agenda — and, in so doing, he has won over some of the IPCC’s past critics.”

Link to the article "IPCC - The Climate Chairman": http://www.nature.com/news/ipcc-the-climate-chairman-1.13755

Link to the IPCC: http://www.ipcc.ch

Link to the IPCC's working group III: http://www.ipcc-wg3.de/