Bits & Bäume - PIK-experts at conference for digitalisation and sustainability

16/11/2018 – This weekend and for the very first time, a new networking conference in Berlin brings digitalisation and sustainability together through various panels, workshops and talks. Among the organisers are Germanwatch, Brot für die Welt, the Chaos Computer Club und other well-known organisations. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) takes part with various lectures and workshops by Sabine Auer, Frank Hellmann and Anton Plietzsch.
Bits & Bäume - PIK-experts at conference for digitalisation and sustainability

The networking conference Bits & Bäume has been collectively organisied by 10 partner organisations representing environmental and network policy, development cooperation and science. This year it takes place from 17.-18. November at the Technische Universität Berlin for the first time.

The conference aim is to bring different scenes, actors and organizations into discussions, identify interfaces between sustainability issues and circumspect digitalization, find visionary solutions and implement them with joint vehemence. Numerous organizations, individuals and international speakers are shaping the program with their submissions and presenting their approaches to sustainable digitalisation. Some of the main topics are digital capitalism, smart city – smart land, alternative economics and data & environment. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research participates with a workshop and a lecture.

Lecture: Die Energiewende - Open Science als Weg zur Partizipation

Workshop: The Power Grid - Enabler or Bottleneck of the Energy Transition?

More information and the whole program: Bits & Bäume

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