New number two for equal opportunities within Leibniz Institutes

03/21/2014 - The equal opportunities officers of the institutes that are members of the Leibniz Association chose Christine Bounama from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research to become the deputy chair of their speakers’ council. This body is where the equal opportunity officers discuss statements and strategies that aim at getting more women into executive positions, fostering the reconciliation of work and family life, and promoting young female scientists.
New number two for equal opportunities within Leibniz Institutes
Opening doors for equal opportunities: Christine Bounama. Photo: PIK

“I’m happy to tackle this task, and I’m grateful for the confidence of my colleagues,” says Bounama. “Personally, I think one of the most important projects to take forward is to introduce guidelines for the equal opportunity officers within the Leibniz Association, so that all institutes can get specialist support on equal opportunities.”

The speakers’ council of the  working group on equal opportunities consists of 10 elected representatives of the Leibniz Association’s five sections - from the humanities to economics and social sciences, from the life sciences to the natural sciences and engineering to the environmental sciences. Christine Bounama became PIK’s equal opportunities officer in 2010. Under her responsibility, the institute has recently been awarded for the second time with the title “Total E-Quality” - an award for businesses, academic institutions and administrations that prove they have made equal opportunities an integral part of their human resources management.


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