Research Department 3 - Transformation Pathways

RD3 approaches the multi-dimensional analysis of transformation pathways with selected research questions and methods addressing the core aspects of the transformative change humankind is facing.

Pathway-specific climate risks

Climate change impacts range from bio-physical to economic to social. These dimensions are targeted by three research groups forming the area “Pathway-specific climate risks” led by Katja Frieler.

Mitigation and sustainable development pathways

Climate protection requires transformation of energy and land use, economic activity and society. This is investigated by four research groups forming the area “Mitigation and sustainable development pathways” led by Elmar Kriegler.

RD3 uses modelling tools and empirical analysis of past and current climate impact trends for its research.

Research Software Engineering for Transformation Pathways (Lead: Lavinia Baumstark) An additional group has been formed to boost software engineering standards in large-scale scientific modeling and thereby to further increase quality of scientific output.


Two FutureLabs are assigned to RD3 pursuing new and emerging research topics further strengthening the link to other RDs and the MCC: