Archetypes of decarbonization pathways and climate policy entry points to raise ambition

The Final Symposium of the PEP1.5 project (3-4 Sep 2019, Potsdam)

While scientific assessments inform the climate policy debate on action needed to limit global warming to the Paris goals, national commitments remain inadequate. In light of this situation, the PEP1.5 Final Symposium discussed archetypes of transformation pathways and their policy entry points and barriers with a range of experts from different disciplines as well as policy stakeholders. It also discussed concrete steps on how to incentivize more climate action at all levels, including by national governments. Find here: PEP1.5 Final Symposium agenda



Archetype scenarios

1. Towards a carbon neutral society

2. Fossil fuel phase out

3. Land-based mitigation options

Policy Entry Points

4. Integrating diverse social sciences towards quantitative modeling of demand-side solutions

5. Good practice policies to strengthen ambition

6. Governing the climate change transformation – how to reach a new normal?