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Journal Articles (2019-2020)

  • Pradhan PKropp JP (2020): Interplay between diets, health, and climate change. Sustainability, 12(9): 3878, [DOI].
  • Athare T, Pradhan P, Kropp JP (2020): Environmental Implications and socioeconomic Characterisation of Indian Diets. The Science of the Total Environment, in press, [DOI].
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Currently under review

  • Bodirsky B, Leip A, Wiendl I, Gonera A, Prexl, KM, Pradhan P, et al.   (2020): Food Futures: Narratives of Food Systems for Diet and Nutrition along the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (diet-SSPs). Global Food Security. [accepted with major revisions].
  • Anderson C, Denich M, Warchold A, Kropp JP and Pradhan P (2020): A causal systems model to understand interactions among the Sustainable Development Goals. Nature Sustainability. [Under review]
  • Reusswig F, Lass W, Bock S, Meyer-Ohlendorf L (2019): Climate policy begins at home: Individual de-carbonization in a Berlin real-word lab, Energy Policy, [major revisions].
  • Pradhan P, Kriewald S, Costa L, Rybski D, Benton TG, Fischer G, and Kropp JP (2020): Urban food systems: how regionalization can contribute to climate change mitigation. Environmental Science & Technology. [re-submision]
  • Landholm DM, Burra DD, Lüdeke MKB, Reymondin L, Kropp JP, Grosjean G (2019): Cross-Country Analysis of Commodity-Driven Tropical Deforestation. submitted to: Conservation Letters.
  • Rybski D, Prahl B, Boettle M, Kropp JP (2020): Sea-level rise and continuous adaptation: residual damage rises faster than the protection costs. Science Advances
  • Zhou B, Thies S, Gudipudi R, Luedeke MKB, Kropp JP, Rybski D (2020): Gini approach to spatial CO2 emissions, Climate and Atmospheric Science
  • Rybski, D, Pradhan, P, Shutters, S, and Kropp, JP (2020): Characterizing the sectoral development of cities. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science 
  • Glockmann M, Li Y, Lakes T, Kropp JP, Rybski D (2020): Quantitative evidence for leapfrogging in urban growth. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science
  • Bodirsky B, Dietrich J, Martinelli E, Stenstad A, Pradhan P, et al. (2020): Starved, stuffed and wasteful: symptoms of an advancing nutrition transition.  Nature Food. [Under review].
  • Ribeiro HV, Oehlers M, Schmidheiny K,  Moreno-Monroya AI, Kropp JP, Rybski D (2020): Effects of population distribution on urban scaling. PNAS  [under review].

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