Online Webinar Emotional Resilience for climate scientists

21/05/2021 - RD2 and Psychologists for Future organised a webinar 'Emotional Resilience for climate scientists' to help climate scientists handle their own emotions as well as understand why others react in certain ways.
Online Webinar Emotional Resilience for climate scientists
Source: Malte Klar/ Psychologists for Future

The climate crisis can be frightening and may cause fear, helplessness or anger. These are appropriate, healthy emotions, but how to deal with them without drowning in them or repressing them? 

In this online seminar, Malte Klar from Psychologists for Future, in a cooperation with RD2 discussed with PIK scientists and found answers to this question through:
- a short presentation with an exercise,
- an emotion-focused small group discussion, and
- collecting strategies together.

There were German-speaking and English-speaking small groups.

If you missed the session, there is a recording available including the guided meditation.
There is also a German version of the 30min intro talk online.

You can find further resources on the Psy4F homepage (english version) including an English and a German handout with 14 strategies for emotional climate resilience.