Who could be involved?


Up to date, this proposal has identified over 20 potential partners in the fields of research, education, policy and business for Tanzania, Peru and India (Figure 3.). Institutions officially engaged are highlighted as implementation or political partners. The project objectives are geared towards cooperation with local, national and regional actors as well as their coordination and networking among each other.

In regard of international target groups, the proposal has identified active organizations in development cooperation as well as those specifically involved in climate change concerns. Finally, through the development and publication of transdisciplinary research, the international research community is also an important target group of the EPICC project which can take up and further develop approaches and methodologies developed within the project.

In 2018, the first workshop in each partner country will set the core group of collaborators and in 2019, a second workshop will be held in order to broaden the number of stakeholders involved in EPICC.