4. Agriculture


Assessment of long-term cultivation risks as well as short-medium term yield prospects for agricultural crops to support the decision-making of agricultural and political stakeholders

Existing agricultural information systems will be supplemented by risk assessments on agricultural crops. These assessments will be co-developed in close cooperation with local postgraduate and experts through the implementation of short-term research projects and specific applications.


Within the EPICC project, the agricultural impact model AMPLIFY (Agricultural Model for Production Loss Identification to Insure Failures of Yields) will be further developed and adopted to meet the needs of implementing insurance stakeholders. AMPLIFIY makes use of semi empirical measures and remote sensing satellite data to assess crop yields and crop losses. Through a seasonal forecasting system, this model will provide information of crop yields and crop failures incurred by weather events either in the immediate aftermath or even before the occurrence of such an event. This will support the implementation of crop insurances and will enable farmers – informed by ministries and farmers’ associations – to adjust their agronomic management practices in order to minimize the scope of weather-related crop losses. In all, this will increase a farmer’s capacity to cope with climate change risk.

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