Climate Change Impacts on Conflict – Moving from Acknowledgement to Action

25.02.21 - EPICC News: EPICC Project Lead Kira Vike and EPICC migration researcher Julia M. Blocher present on climate-conflict linkages in a public-facing webinar co-organized with the Berghof Foundation
Climate Change Impacts on Conflict – Moving from Acknowledgement to Action
Image: Berghof Foundation

The Berghof Foundation and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) co-organized “Climate Change Impacts on Conflict – Moving from Acknowledgement to Action”, an online event featuring researchers and expert discussants. The aim is to advance the debate from stating the facts to taking action.

Starting with inputs from experts on Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Syria, the participants discussed how effects of the climate crisis, such as droughts and shifting rainfall patterns, affect local conflict dynamics. Based on these insights, an expert panel explored climate change and peacebuilding challenges that lay ahead for both disciplines, where innovative approaches are developed, and how organisations should reach out for increased cooperation and funding.

PIK researcher Julia M. Blocher provided evidence on Ethiopia, informed by the wider body of research on climate-conflict linkages and on climate-sensitive development that is also core to her EPICC research. EPICC Project Lead Kira Vinke served as a panellist, contributing input on innovative approaches to peacebuilding, strategies for multi-stakeholder participation, and sensitivity to gender dimensions of climate-conflict research and strategies.

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