New Intel Distribution for Python 2018.2

To use the Intel Distribution for Python (IDP) you need to load the corresponding Python module for Anaconda 5.0 and activate the newest IDP environment.

module load anaconda/5.0.0_py3 # Anaconda Python 3 module
source activate idp_2018.2 # IDP 2018 Update 2

The packages in the updated IDP environments match the content of the previous environment (named idp) but have higher versions. The updated versions include common packages such as numpy, pandas, scipy, scikit-learn, Intel MKL runtime, networkx and many others.

Python 2 users can use a corresponding environment with the same name (idp_2018.2) but are strongly urged to move to Python 3 at the earliest possibility. Python 2 will become unsupported in ~1.5 years. The support for IDP compatibility is already lower for Python 2 than for Python 3. For the majority of users the upgrade procedure is simple and painless enough using the 2to3 syntax converter. Please see the Cluster Python guide for further details on Python 3 migration.