Subscribe to PIK Newsfeeds in Thunderbird


Available Feeds

Latest News (EN): RSS 1.0 | RSS 2.0 | Atom

Nachrichten (DE): RSS 1.0 | RSS 2.0 | Atom

IT-Services News: RSS 1.0 | RSS 2.0 | Atom

Detailed information on howto subscribe news feeds in Mozilla Thunderbird:

Step 1: Create a Feed Account in Thunderbird

  • In the Menu Bar, click File → New → Feed Account
  • Type a name for your Feed account in the Account Name box, then click Next.
  • Click Finish. Your new account will now appear in Thunderbird's folder pane.

Step 2: Subscribe to Feeds

  • In Thunderbird, click your Feed Account name in the folder pane.
  • Click Manage subscriptions to open the Feed Subscriptions dialog.
  • In the Feed URL box, right-click and paste the link address from above.
  • Click Add. Thunderbird will validate the link, create a new folder, subscribe a valid link to the new folder, and download all current articles. The new folder appears under your Feed Account in the folder pane.


Step 3: Read your Feeds

  • Click Get Messages to download all the newest feed messages, along with your regular email messages. If you right click on a specific folder and select Get Messages, only messages for that folder's subscriptions (and all of its subfolders) will be retrieved.
  • In the folder pane, click on the folder whose content you want to read. A list of unread messages from the feed appears in the message list pane.
  • Click on a message in the message list.
  • Read the article in the message body. If you’d like to see the article on the website, click the link in the message header next to Website (this will open the link in your default browser).



  • You may also select the view action to perform when double clicking or hitting <enter> on a feed message selected in the list. The options are found in Message → When Opening Feed Messages.

NOTE: You can set whether the message displays as an article summary or the article web page in two ways:

  • In the Feed Subscriptions dialog, select the feed folder and check the Show the article summary instead of loading the web page box. This preference applies to all feeds in the folder.
  • Select a message from the message list, then click View > Feed Message Body As, and select whether to use the Default Format (folder setting above), or override the default and show Summary or Web Page globally.

In Tools → Account Settings, select the name of your Feed Account and check the By default, show the article summary instead of loading the web page box. This selection is the default for all new feed subscriptions that create a folder in that Account.