Sommersemester 2021


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Name Fachbereich Titel
Gerten, Dieter Geography Social Hydrology
Maskell, Gina; Schulte, Ingrid Q-teams Research-based Learning; Geography Learning from mixed methods research on forest landscape restoration and climate change

Technische Universität Berlin

Name Fachbereich Titel
Edenhofer, Ottmar (lecture & exercise); Maximilian Franks (exercise) Institute of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning The Economics of Climate Change

Universität Potsdam

Name Fachbereich Titel
Feulner, Georg Institut für Physik und Astronomie Einführung in die Klimamodellierung
Glockmann, Manon; Kropp, Jürgen Institute of Environmental Science and Geography Cities and Climate Change: Catalysts of challenges and solutions
Marwan, Norbert Geoscience TRE 2021 - M5 Complex Systems, Recurrence and Networks in Climate


Name Universität Titel
Gerten, Dieter Potsdam Summer School "Water the global common good" Climate Change; Land & Water Interaction