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Members of Staff / Mitarbeiter

NameFirst name & titleResearch domainPhoneEmail: Name.Surname
Abaja Mara 4 (guest) A56/2.48
Agarwal Ankit 4 (guest) 288-20703 Agarwal A56/3.47
Aich Valentin Dr. 2 (guest) Aich extern
Akuraju Vamsidhar 2 (guest) A56/2.16
Albrecht Torsten Dr. 1 288-2459 Torsten.Albrecht A62/S10
Alexander David Dr. 1 (guest) David.Alexander extern
Algar Shannon 4 (guest) 288- Shannon.Algar A56/3.50
Altenburg Corinna    M.A. 4 (guest) 288-2058 Corinna.Altenburg A56/2.54
Arndt Sven Oliver

Head of Adm.

288-2400 Sven.Arndt A26/1.05
Asay-Davis Xylar Dr. 1 288-20819 xylar.asay-davis A62/S09
Auer Sabine M.Sc. 4 288-2055 auer A56/3.31

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