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Members of Staff / Mitarbeiter

NameFirst name & titleResearch domainPhoneEmail: Name.Surname
Zenina Yvette 2 (guest) Yvette.Zenina A56/2.10
Zhao Fang Dr. 2 288-20736 Fang.Zhao A56/1.24
Zhao Yong 4 (guest) 288- Yong.Zhao
Ziche Susanne Administration 288-2499 Susanne.Ziche A26/1.07
Zickfeld Kirsten Prof. Dr. Executive Staff (guest) 288-20841 Kirsten.Zickfeld A56/2.41
Ziebarth Malte 4 (guest) 288- Ziebarth A56/2.01
Zimmer Anne 3 (guest) 288-2471 Anne.Zimmer A56/1.19
Zimmerer Kilian 1 (guest) 288-2061 Kilian.Zimmerer A62/Terminal

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