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Members of Staff

NameFirst name & titleResearch domainPhoneEmail: Name.Surname
Odenweller Adrian 4 (guest) extern
Oehlschläger Katharina Executive Staff 288-2502 Katharina.Oehlschlaeger A31/0.05
Özsezer Fatih Administration 288.20737 A26/KG
Özsezer Ferhat Administration 288-20737 oezsezer A26/KG/0.06
Öztürk Ugur 4 (guest) ugur.oeztuerk A56/3.47
Okullo Samuel Dr. 3 288-2674 Samuel.Okullo A56/0.50
Osorio Sebastian Dr. 3 288-2436 Sebastian.Osorio A56/0.47
Ostberg Sebastian Dipl.Geoök. 1 288-2552 Sebastian.Ostberg A62/1.13
Otto Christian Dr. 2 288-2481 Christian.Otto A56/1.35
Otto Ilona Dr. 1 288-2667 Ilona.Otto A62/1.18

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