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In Memoriam Jan Feldhoff

* 17.05 1982 - † 28.02 2014

jan-feldhoff.jpgDear colleagues and friends,

On Monday morning we were informed that our colleague and friend, Jan Feldhoff, who worked in our research training group as a PhD student at PIK, died of smoke poisoning caused by a smoldering fire at his home last weekend. Jan studied physics at the Humboldt University. For his diploma and PhD thesis he worked on recurrence networks, statistical climate modeling and the evaluation of climate models by means of network theory. We knew Jan as a fun-loving, friendly young person and his all-too-early death leaves us bewildered and devastated. His death instils in us a tremendous sense of loss, which we will never be able to compensate. Our thoughts are with his family, from whom he was taken away so suddenly.


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