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Members of Staff / Mitarbeiter

NameFirst name & titleResearch domainPhoneEmail: Name.Surname
Caesar Levke M.Sc. 1 (guest) 288-20742 caesar extern
Callighan Max 3 (guest) 288- extern
Calov Reinhard Dr. 1 288-2595 Reinhard.Calov A56/0.15
Campo (del) Stellio 3 (guest) extern
Cesari Elsa 2 (guest) A62/Terminal
Chemura Abel Dr. 2 288-2464 Chemura A62/2.10
Chikh M'hamed Sonia Prof. 4 (guest)
Chinnow Katharina 1 (guest) 288- Chinnow extern
Chu Olivia 1 (guest) A62/0.01
Churkina Galina Dr. executive staff (guest) A31
Ciemer Catrin Dr. 4 (guest) Catrin.Ciemer extern
Colell Arwen 3 (guest) extern
Conradt Tobias Dr. 2 288-2666 conradt A62/2.04
Costa-Kollewijn Reinhild Executive Staff 288-2664 Reinhild.Costa A31/0.05
Costa-Carvalho Luis Dr. 2 288-2527 Luis.Costa A56/2.31
Coumou Dingeman Dr. 1 Coumou extern
Crucifix Michel 4 (guest) extern

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