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Alumni Return Awards 2017/18

First Return Visit

27.02.2018: In February 2018 Dr. Alexander Robinson made a return visit to PIK to work with PhD student Levke Caesar and other members of RD1.

Alex writes: "I was particularly proud to be able to return with the Alumni Award to PIK almost exactly 10 years after I first started working on Telegrafenberg. Although I have kept in close contact with many colleagues and visit when I can, this visit felt very special. The deep value to my work, as well as to me personally, of maintaining a strong link with PIK really came into focus over course of the week I was there. It gave me the opportunity to forge new collaborations with bright young scientists like Levke, as well as reconnect with colleagues and rekindle old projects. I saw how I have evolved as a scientist and how the institute is growing too. I am very grateful to be a PIK alumnus and I hope to be fortunate enough to keep coming back in the years to come."

Read more about the visit here: First Alumni Return Visit.

Winners of the Alumni Return Awards 2017/2018

18.10.2017: We are very pleased to announce that the following PIK Alumni have won awards and will be returning to collaborate with colleagues here in Potsdam in the coming months:

  • Professor Zhong-Ke Gao, Tianjin University, China (former DAAD scholar at PIK)
  • Dr. Friederike Otto, Deputy Director and senior researcher, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Alexander Robinson, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, and National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
      • Dr. Veronika Stolbova, FINEXUS Center for Financial Networks and Sustainability in the Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zürich, Switzerland

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