Keynote Presentations from the 2nd AVEC International Summer School, Peyresq, 18-30 September 2005

Speaker: Will Steffen
Visiting Fellow, Bureau of Rural Sciences, Australian Government, GPO Box 858, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Title of the talk: Risk management approach for climate adaptation in Australian agriculture (pdf: 2MB)

Summary of the talk by Sylvi Bianchin: Students´ summary (pdf)


Risk management and resilience approaches for climate adaptation in Australian agriculture

This presentation will describe a new approach to supporting the adaptation of Australia’s agricultural sector to a changing climate. The approach is based on a risk management strategy that treats climate change as one of many uncertainties that pose risks for the viability of Australian farmers. The approach is built directly on consultation with farmers themselves, and thus has a strong element of stakeholder involvement from the beginning of the project. Taking the perspective of Australia’s rural sector, the presentation will also explore the nature of Australia’s changing climate, including the evidence for climate change over the past century, the patterns of change that are now being experienced, and the nature and reliability of projections of change for the future. The talk will describe some of the decision support tools that are being developed in response to farmers’ needs for climate information. Finally, the presentation will place climate risks in the context of whole farming systems and provide some perspectives on ways in which the Australian agricultural sector might increase its resilience towards a changing climate.

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