I am a PhD student in climate physics supervised by Prof. Anders Levermann at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the University of Potsdam, Germany.

In my thesis I investigate the higher-order economic losses and damages due to extreme weather events along the global supply network. I (co-)developed the model acclimate, which I use to study the resilience of the global supply system. My particular focus in that is the identification of possibilities and limits of global adaptation strategies under different warming scenarios.



You can find some software I wrote on my GitHub account. Here is an excerpt.


Agent-based model for loss-propagation in the global supply-chain network using optimization based on local, limited information as basis for agent decisions.
The current, most comprehensive version of acclimate is described in Modeling loss-propagation in the global supply network: The dynamic agent-based model acclimate (see publications / doi).

The implementation of only the two earlier, simpler model versions can be found in another GitHub repository.


C++-Implementation of the DICE Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy Model of the Economics of Global Warming by W. Nordhaus.

(MRIO library)

Library for dealing with hierarchies and heterogeneity in MRIO tables.
Implementation of the algorithm described in Regional and sectoral disaggregation of multi-regional input-output tables: a flexible algorithm (see publications / doi).


Python interface for the simple global climate carbon-cycle model Hector. It makes Hector easily installable and usable from Python and can for example be used in the analysis of mitigation scenarios, in integrated assessment models, complex climate model emulation, and uncertainty analyses.


A data platform to establish and visualize a comprehensive database of the global economic network at high regional and sectoral detail.
Code of the first version of zeean can be found in a GitHub repository.

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