I am a PhD student in climate physics supervised by Prof. Anders Levermann at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the University of Potsdam, Germany.

In my thesis I investigate the higher-order economic losses and damages due to extreme weather events along the global supply network. Using our model Acclimate I study the resilience of the global supply system leading to identification of possibilities and limits of global adaptation strategies under different warming scenarios.

Other research interests

  • Agent based modelling and emergent behaviour
  • Conflict and migration possibly induced by climate change
  • Degrowth


Download all in a BibteX-File.

Working papers



You can find some software I wrote on my GitHub account. Here is an excerpt.


zeean JavaScript/C++

A data platform to establish a comprehensive database of the global economic network at high regional and sectoral detail.
Code of the first version of zeean can be found in a GitHub repository.

Algorithms & Data handling

Implementation of the algorithm described in Regional and sectoral disaggregation of multi-regional input-output tables: a flexible algorithm (see publications / doi).
It includes a library for dealing with hierarchies and heterogeneity in MRIO tables.

Code to calculate network measures for multi-regional input-output tables.


I love the fabulous JavaScript visualization library D3.js, so most of my data visualizations make use of it.

Data on maps

colour-map JavaScript

Visualization of region-specific measures using colouring.

flow-map JavaScript

Visualization of flows on a world map.

Curriculum Vitae

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