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06/2018 - Our Working Paper on the impact of climate conditions on economic production informed a French Official Commission with a mandate to update the Social Costs of Carbon used in public policies
09/2016 - I contributed to a stakeholder dialogue on the indirect effects of global climate change on the German economy organized by the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA)
12/2016 - Paper summarising main results (german only)
07/2016 - Following our study on climate change and globalization, the fraction of the Green Party of the German parliament issued a parliamentary enquiry on the resilience of the German economy
08/2016 - Response of the German government (german only)
07/2016 - I wrote a blogpost on the interplay of globalization, climate change and the vulnerability of the economy for the World Economic Forum
06/2016 - I gave a radio interview on the economic impacts of climate change to Deutschlandfunk (german only)
12/2015 - Chasing Ice: podiums discussion on UN climate summit in Paris with Kerstin Andreae (MdB), Anton Hofreiter (parliamentary leader of German Green party) and me
In the Media
Selected media coverage of our PNAS paper in 08/17 (press release)

Klimawandel in Europa - Höherer Stromverbrauch im Süden, geringerer im Norden
Spiegel Online
Kühlen frisst immer mehr Strom
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Electricity demand in southern Europe to soar with air con - scientists
The Guardian
Climate change could flip European peak power demand to summer, study says
Carbon Brief
El cambio climático disparará un 6% el consumo eléctrico en España por el aire acondicionado
El País
Meer stroom nodig in Zuid-Europa door warmer klimaat
NRC Handesblad
Selected media coverage of our Science Advances paper in 06/16 (press release)

How the effects of climate change in one place can radiate all over the world
Washington Post
Guess What Else Climate Change Hurts? Globalization
Turns out, climate change hurts globalized economy too
The Times of India
Globalized economy more susceptible to weather extremes, scientists warn
Gefahr für den Handel: Regierung warnt vor wirtschaftlichen Folgen des Klimawandels
Spiegel Online
Klimawandel bedroht die Wirtschafts-Netzwerke
Bild der Wissenschaft
Selected media coverage of our ERL paper in 02/16 (press release)

Preparing for climate-related food shocks
Klimawandel verschärft Nahrungsmittel-Importabhängigkeit
Energie Zukunft
Importabhängig: Viele Entwicklungsländer riskieren Nahrungskrisen
Medizin Aspekte

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