Mahé Perrette

Berlin, Germany



Sex: male

Nationality: French

Date of Birth: 15​th July 1986


2010 - present

PhD work

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

Probabilistic projections of future sea­ level rise at various temporal and spatial scales.

2008 - 2009

Master of Science in Oceanography

University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre (NOCS), UK

Thesis: “Arctic phytoplankton blooms from satellites”

(as a double-­degree program with Ecole Centrale de Lyon)

2005 ­- 2007

Master in Engineering

Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France

2003 - ­2005

Undergraduate in Lycée Pierre de Fermat, Toulouse, France

Classes préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles in mathematics and physics.


Baccalauréat with major in maths and physics, Toulouse, France (age 17)

Professional experience (overview)

2010 - present

Research assistant at PIK

(since 2015)

Modelling of ocean biogeochemistry during ice age termination (PalMOD project)

(2014 - 2015)

Modelling of the Greenland ice sheet and outlet glaciers system (GREENRISE project)

(2010 - 2013)

Development of global and regional sea level emulators in order to inform negotiators in real time during climate talks (PREVENT and SURVIVE projects, in the PRIMAP group)

October 2007 -

June 2008

Research Internship​, Mercator ­Océan, Toulouse, France

Data assimilation to correct air-sea fluxes in an ocean model.

June­ - August


Research Internship, University of Tohoku, Sendai, Japan

Numerical simulations for artificial, energy-neutral pumping of deep, nutrient-rich water to enhance surface ecosystem (Laputa Project).

Selected activities during my research at PIK

April, 2016

Anthropocene Curriculum | Campus: the Technosphere Issue

One-week interdisciplinary seminar at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin) involving researchers and artists from various fields, organized together with the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.


2013 - 2014

Undergraduate teaching (tutorials)

Prof. S. Rahmstorf’s Climate History lecture, University of Potsdam

2012­ - 2014  

Co-author in World Bank reports series “Turn Down the Heat” 1, 2 and 3

Capacity building workshop with local World Bank scientists (March 12th, 2014, PIK)


Contributing author to IPCC AR5 WG1 sea level chapter (13).

Nov - ­Dec 2010

and 2011

Scientific consultant for Climate Analytics

UNFCCC climate negotiations COP16 (Cancún, Mexico, 2010) and COP17 (Durban, South Africa, 2011).


Climate science talks in public events

Goethe Institut in Ramallah and Nablus (West Bank, January 2012)


Programming and natural languages


Python (advanced), Matlab (good), R (basic), Fortran 2003 (advanced), C++ (basic), bash (good), ViM (good), Latex

Web development (basic): javascript / jquery, d3 (client), python­-flask (server)

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French (native speaker)

English (fluent)

German (fluent)

Italian (basic)