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The CLIMATE data base of monthly normals for globally gridded climatic variables

This database is a major update of the Leemans & Cramer database (Leemans & Cramer 1991). It currently contains long term monthly averages, for the period 1931-60, of mean temperature, temperature range, precipitation, rain days and sunshine hours for the terrestrial surface of the globe, gridded at 0.5 degree longitude/latitude resolution. It was generated from a large data base, using the partial thin-plate splining algorithm developed by Michael F. Hutchinson, Canberra (Hutchinson & Bischof 1983). A documentation is currently in preparation - for the time being the most essential technical information is contained in a readme.file. The version currently online is version 2.1 - this is the same version that is currently used widely around the globe, notably by all groups participating in the IGBP NPP model intercomparison.

Database on ftp server / web directory

The data is available through anonymous ftp from <>, in the directory /pub/CLIMATE, and they are now also available here through a web interface. If you download the data, please send a short message to identifying yourself and possibly shortly describing your application. For publication, please refer to the data as "the CLIMATE database version 2.1 (W. Cramer, Potsdam, pers. comm.)"; and please also make sure I know about your publication.

The data files are compressed using the gzip command under unix. Uncompress them with gunzip under unix, or with winzip or something similar on a non-unix machine.

For further questions, please contact me under the e-mail address above, or under the following address:

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Hutchinson, M.F. & Bischof, R.J. 1983. A new method for estimating the spatial distribution of mean seasonal and annual rainfall applied to the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Austral. Met. Mag. 31:179-184.

Leemans, R. & Cramer, W. 1991. The IIASA database for mean monthly values of temperature, precipitation and cloudiness of a global terrestrial grid. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). RR-91-18.

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