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Long-term evolution of the geosphere-biosphere system  

Werner von Bloh

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Evolution of the global temperature

Research goals

To investigate the long-term evolution (109 yr) of the ecosphere an Earth system model consisting of the atmosphere, continental crust, seafloor, mantle, biosphere and kerogen (i.e. long-term organic carbon deposit) components has been developed. This six-box model takes into account all the pertinent astrophysical, climatological, biogeochemical, and geodynamic processes involved in the generation of photosynthesis-driven life conditions. The long-scale variation of the insolation acts as an external forcing while geodynamic processes can be considered as an internal forcing for the biosphere and other surface reservoirs. This research is part of the PLACES project.

Project head:
Siegfried Franck †
Project scientists:
Werner von Bloh
Christine Bounama
External cooperations:
Konrad J. Kossacki, Institute of Geophysics of Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland
Timothy M. Lenton, University of Exeter, UK


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