Land ice dynamics
    (Lecture with exercises)
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    Introduction 1. Land ice and sea level rise

    Minimal glacier models

    2. Steady states
    3. Time evolution

    Dynamic equations

    4. Mathematical background
    5. Ice rheology and the constitutive relation
    6. The Stokes Problem
    7. Thermodynamics

    Ice sheet dynamics

    8. Shallow Ice Approximation (SIA)
    9. Analytic problems

    Ice shelf dynamics

    10. Shallow Shelf Approximation (SSA)
    11. Analytic problems & numerical modeling
    12. The calving front

    Transition zone 13. Shallow Transition Zone Approximation

    Core literature

    Lecture on land ice dynamics, R. Greve
    Lecture on land ice dynamics, H. Gudmundsson
    "Minimal Glacier Models", J. Oerlemans

    Additional literature

    "Dynamics of Ice Sheets and Glaciers, R. Greve & H. Blatter.
    "Large-scale glaciation on Earth and on Mars", R. Greve
    "Fundamentals of glacier dynamics", C.J. van der Veen
    "The physics of glaciers", W.S.B. Paterson
    "Der Klimawandel", Stefan Rahmstorf und John Schellnhuber.


    "KlimaLounge", German weblog
    "RealClimate", English weblog
    "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)"
    "Millenium Ecosystem Report"

    last update: October 2013