Stability of the Atlantic Subpolar Gyre

    Subpolar Gyre
    Bistability of Subpolar Gyre
    • Paleodata from the North Atlantic indicate that the Atlantic gyre circulation flipped from a weak to strong state about 8000 years ago. A summary can be found here. (Born & Levermann, 2010).
    • In a coupled climate model three self-amplifying feedbacks were identifed that can explain such nonlinear behaviour (Levermann & Born, 2007).
    • Potential reconstruction indicates the existence of two stable states in a number of global climate models from CMIP-5 (Born et al., 2013).
    • The multistability combined with external perturbation by wind stress and surface freshwater flux can explain the observed enhanced variability of the SPG (Mengel et al., 2012).


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