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Anders Levermann
Anders Levermann
Professor of Dynamics of the Climate System

Co-chair of research domain Sustainable Solutions at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Professor at the Physics Institute of Potsdam University
Adjunct Scientist at Columbia University, New York, USA.
Head of PIK-flagship activity on global adaptation strategies
Head of PIK-flagship activity on physical climate change
Lead author of the Sea Level Change chapter of IPCC
Scientific coordinator of global economic supply-net-wiki zeean
Editor of journal Earth System Dynamics
Author of Huffington Post online Op-Eds


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News & Views

SealeveCommitment » February '16
"The world in 10,000 years"

CostOfClimateChange » February '16
"Atlantis in the year 12,000" (German)

Paris 2015 » January '16
Interview on Paris agreement (German)

Paris 2015 » December '15
Radio interview on Paris agreement (German)

SealeveCommitment » December '15
Special TV-program on COP-21 in Paris (German)

SealeveCommitment » December '15
1.5oC & sea-level at COP-21 in Paris

BR » December '15
1st US sea-level refugees?

PR » December '15
Interview on sea level at Paris @COP21 (German)

PR » December '15
ZDF-Interview in Paris @COP21 (German)

PR » December '15
Policy threshold in climate-change mitigation

PR » November '15
Weather-channel interview: sea-level commitment

PR » November '15
Sea-level commitment for cities worldwide

PR » October '15
Highlight: collapse of West Antarctica

PR » October '15
Highlight: collapse of West Antarctica

SealeveCommitment » October '15
Collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

PNAS article » October '15
Article: collapse of West Antarctica

BR » October '15
Interview with Toronto Star

BR » October '15
Radio-Interview: Paris climate conference

BR » October '15
Future of coastal US cities under warming

SealeveCommitment » October '15
How sea-level rise reshapes the US

Keep it in the ground » September '15
Op-ed: Fossil Fuels - A Present We Can't Unwrap.

Icefree planet » September '15
Podcast: future ocean changes

Icefree planet » September '15
Carbon emissions can melt all ice on Earth

SealeveCommitment » September '15
'What your business needs to know about climate'

SealeveCommitment » July '15
Paleodata confirms our sea-level commitment

interactive map » July '15
Interactive map: 2-degree sea-level commitment

SealeveCommitment » July '15
Paleodata confirms our sea-level commitment

SealeveCommitment » July '15
Paleodata confirms our sea-level commitment

Monsoon illustration » June '15
Interactive textbook: abrupt monsoon transitions

Climate Engineering » May '15
Op-ed: Why climate engineering won't work

Climate Engineering » March '15
Climate engineering commentary

Press release » March '15
More snow on Antarctica

Deutschland Radio Kultur » February '15
German sustainability prize (N100)

US Government Accountability Office » February '15
US Government Accountability Office

Deutschland Radio Kultur » December '14
Live radio interview: climate after Lima

FluterBrief » December '14
Interview: German government's info-service

Carbon Brief » December '14
What if we overshoot 2 degrees?

Sueddeutsche » November '14
German Parliament: economic supply failure

Sueddeutsche » November '14
Coverage of climate conference in Lima

Publik-Forum » November '14
Interview on climate change and future society

Synode Nordkirche » September '14
Synod of protestant church on climate change

Antarctic sea-level » August '14
Antarctica's future sea-level contribution

World Economic Forum 2014 » July '14
Article: Antarctica's point of no return

ETM » June '14
UNFCCC videocast: talk on Antarctica & sea level

Chrismon » June '14
Interview in Christian magazine on climate change

ETM » May '14
Can supply chains take future climate extremes?

Resilience » May '14
Resilience: article with USArmy Corps of Engineers

Ice plug » May '14
Antarctic ice plug prevents sea-level rise

Audio Interview » May '14
'How the world functions': zeean.net @ #rp14

Audio Interview » March '14
Radio interview on global warming & sea level

Audio Interview » March '14
Detailed audio interview on global adaptation

PR » March '14
World cultural heritage threatened by sea-level rise

PR » February '14
Commentary: Make supply chains climate-smart

PNAS article » February '14
Article on future coastal protection

The Guardian » January '14
Article on limits of adaptation

Science Magazine » December '13
Letter to Editor: Sea-Level Rise by 2100

New York Times » November '13
How to Die in the Anthropocene

The Guardian » November '13
Major cities face risk from sea-level rises

COP19 » November '13
Interview: climate conference in Warsaw

COP19 » November '13
Radio interview: COP-19 & German role

Portrait » October '13
Portrait in hometown newspaper

IPCC Inside » October '13
Has global warming stopped?

IPCC Inside » October '13
Background story on IPCC sea-level chapter

SeaLevelRisk » September '13
Article: IPCC provided no sea-level risk assessment

SPON » September '13
Sea-level rise and costal protection

BILD » September '13
Interview with major German tabloid on IPCC

New York Times » August '13
Timing a Rise in Sea Level

Obama » August '13
US-president Obama twittered our sea-level study

USA Today » July '13
US coastal cities under sea-level rise

realclimate » August '13
The inevitability of sea-level rise

AFP » September '13
Adaptation to sea-level rise

NYT DotEarth » August '13
Can Cities Adjust to a Retreating Coastline?

Minister » July '13
Favored as 'environment minister' by actress Paul

The conversation » August '13
Brief note on sea-level rise

IBT » July '13
International Business Times on sea level

Toronto Star » July '13
..sea levels will seal fate of 316 US cities

interactive map » July '13
Interactive map on sea-level commitment

ABC News » July '13
US coastal cities under sea-level rise

The Guardian » July '13
The Guardian on US coastal cities

PNAS commentary » July '13
Commentary on sea-level commitment

Bloomberg » July '13
Sea-level commitment

Die Welt » July '13
Sea-level commitment

Economic Times » July '13
Our sea-level commitment

SealeveCommitment » July '13
"...end Is virtually certain for NYC, Boston,.."

VOA » July '13
Voice Of America on our sea-level commitment

CostOfClimateChange » July '13
Süddeutsche Zeitung: costs of climate change

SealeveCommitment » July '13
Interview: Leaving our descendants sea-level rise

SealeveCommitment » July '13
Interview: Climate Disruption and Sea Level Rise

SealeveCommitment » July '13
Sea-level commitment

SealeveCommitment » July '13
Sea-level commitment

SealeveCommitment » July '13
Sea-level rise per degree of warming

SealeveCommitment » July '13
Press release: sea-level rise per degree of warming

SealeveCommitment » July '13
Sea-level rise per degree of warming

SealeveCommitment » July '13
Sea-level rise per degree of warming

SealeveCommitment » July '13
Sea-level rise per degree of warming

Monsoon » June '13
Times of India: monsoon variability

Monsoon » June '13
Indian monsoon variability

Monsoon » June '13
Business Line: Indian monsoon variability

Monsoon » June '13
Indian flooding

Monsoon » June '13
More day-to-day monsoon variability in India

Global Ideas » June '13
dpa-interview: drones for Antarctica

German Parliament » May '13
German parliament: one-on-one briefings of MPs

Zeean » May '13
zeean.net: our global supply net

Economist » April '13
dpa-Interview on movie 'thin ice'

Economist » April '13
UK embassy: welcome address for movie 'thin ice'

Economist » April '13
Letter on article on last decade of warming

German Parliament » March '13
Earth-Hour Interview: Limits of adaptation

German Parliament » March '13
German Parliament: briefing on climate change

BR » February '13
Interview: climatic tipping cascade

FAZ » January '13
Interview: sea-level rise

PR » December '12
Snowfall-induced ice loss from Antarctica

Cicero » December '12
Live interview on climate conference in Qatar

Scientific American » November '12
Coverage of monsoon failure study

Economic Times » November '12
Coverage of monsoon failure study

Cicero » October '12
Article on limits of adaptation

Global Ideas » September '12
National press conference on Arctic ice

Global Ideas » July '12
dpa interview on Greenland melting

German Parliament » May '12
German Parliament: hearing on EU emission target

Global Ideas » May '12
Is there a limit to global warming? Ask a scientist!

Eigencalving » March '12
Press release: iceberg calving law

Akademie der Kuenste » December '11
Speech at the German "Academy of Arts"

Extremes » November '11
Interview: climate extremes & economy

Residenztheater » October '11
Munich: Discourse with Alexander Kluge

Tipping Elements » July '11
Interview: climate problem and solution

BurningRivers » June '11
Review article Tipping Elements
- Press release

FAZ » April '11
Article: when is a risk small?

Tsunamies » April '11
Nature News & Views on iceberg-induced tsunamis

Financial Times Deutschland » January '11
Interview: what can we adapt to?

Stern.de » January '11
Interview: climatic extremes

FAZ » December '10
Article: are there limits to adaptation?

FAZ » February '10
Article: basics of a climate solution

FAZ » June '09
Talk on monsoon failure, Oxford, UK.

FAZ » May '09
Interview: emissions acidify the ocean

FAZ » June '07
Interview: abstinence is no solution

FAZ » March '07
Article: climatic tipping elements

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